Friday, June 4, 2010

Pakistan Development Issues - 4 June 2010

At least 70 people were killed following suicide attacks on two Pakistan mosques that belong to the Ahmadi community in Lahore. Gunmen armed with suicide vests, guns and grenades stormed the two mosques during prayer hour on May 28. The attacks prompted more than two hours of battles between the police and armed militants. At least 108 were wounded in the attacks and ensuing gun fight. The attacks were condemned by members of the international community, including Canada and the United Nations, whose human rights experts encouraged the government to take concrete steps to ensure the safety of Pakistan’s religious minorities. The official said there were early warning signs, including threats to the affected religious community, that were not properly heeded.

Meanwhile, at least 5 people were killed in a separate attack on a hospital in Lahore. Four gunmen stormed and opened fire on the Jinnah hospital.

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